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Logistics Network – LN

Logistics Network – LN


How can this SAP solution be helpful for you?


In order to improve the services provided until the end customer of the supply chain and in order to decrease the total transportation costs, cooperation and compliance during the logistic process became an obligation.  The best possible transportation service has become transparent as the most advanced transportation management with SAP Logistics Network solution.


This solution provides the opportunity to improve the customer services as a whole thanks to uninterrupted connection with all the participants and tracking of all shipped products throughout the logistic process.


What does this SAP solution offer you?
Strategic freight management

This SAP solution established upon the estimation of transportation requirements in the future maximizes quotation and transportation contract processes.

Serialization and traceability of products

By providing complete opportunity to trace mass production items and with Auto-ID technology, it automatizes work processes.

Understanding and meeting the requirements of logistic processes

It provides the traceability of all participants of transportation process and all products and current process assets in the whole of supply chain.


Decrease in planning costs0

Decrease in shipping costs0

What are the advantages of this SAP solution?


  • SAP Logistics Network (on HANA) solution that makes the most suitable stock balance during the transportation process from one end to the other while improving the level of customer services also enables you to manage the whole logistic network in the most efficient way at points such as product tracking, estimation of transportation and control expenditures.
  • It offers the most efficient access into the most advantageous market ratios within the transportation sector and the most reasonable transportation contracts that can be made with transportation companies,
  • The most efficient transportation management with the advanced infrastructure and complete delivery,
  • Faster solutions for problems, low operation costs and less over-stocks by using transportation and process analyses in real time,
  • More reliable and traceable product distribution.

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