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Response and Supply Management – R&SM

Response and Supply Management – R&SM


How can this SAP solution be helpful for you?

In a world of vast fluctuations in demands and complex logistic structures, the path of managing your supply chain in the most efficient way possible goes through flexibility and speed.  “Response and Supply Management” application offered on HANA infrastructure of SAP, which is the symbol of strength and speed provides the opportunity to;

  • Adapt into changeable demands and market conditions easily and plan the supplies in the most suitable way,
  • Displace the supplies found in your supply chain (such as stocks, production) according to demands developing at that instance in the quickest and optimal way possible,
  • By establishing the current supply balance in the most efficient way possible, prevent excess stocks having limited the unnecessary production and supplies.


What does this SAP solution offer you?
Response Planning and Allocation Management
  • It provides ability to respond to demands quickly,
  • Ability to work based on rules,
  • Ability to simulate different scenarios and infrastructure required to make comparative analyses.
Order Promising

In compliance with the actual stock and capacity situation, it provides simultaneous and quick deadline returns.

Replenishment and Deployment Planning

With smart stock planning and distribution algorithms that it runs, it provides stock balances on supply chain, actualizes optimal stock levels and plans material mobility.

Manufacturing and Networking Planning

By working with simultaneous real data, it provides production and supply planning on the whole supply chain in general.

  • %5 – %6 Increase in on-time delivery rates
  • %40 earlier deadlines
What are the advantages of this SAP solution?

By increasing the command of companies on their supply chains even further, this application offered by SAP provides;


  • Faster and accurate responses to fluctuations that affect supply and demand balance,
  • Increase in the rate of “on-time and complete” deliveries for the customers,
  • By establishing an optimal stock and supply balance, minimizing the problems that are caused by the delay and disruptions in material flow in supply chain,
  • Significant decreases in the number of wastes caused due to overstocking in the past,
  • Achieving increase in market shares and customer satisfaction due to on-time and complete deliveries made.

Why SAP?


The solutions offered by SAP for integrated supply planning provides the customers the opportunity to offer better and higher quality services by using the latest technology infrastructures.  And smart planning methods incorporated by these solutions are;

  • Faster responses to demand variations,
  • Ability to foresee the risks that threatens success in the supply chain management,
  • Ability to establish stock and supply balance in supply chain with complex and large scale stock and distribution optimizations.

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