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Extended Supply Chain Insight – ESCI

Extended Supply Chain Insight – ESCI


How can this SAP solution be helpful for you?

With SAP applications companies understand, analyse and manage the changes that emerge on their supply chains better, and better respond to these changes.


With the warnings that it forms, indicators it reports (KPI), analytic information and market analysis it produces, it builds an early warning system against irregularities and deviations that may emerge on supply chain by providing an opportunity to observe the whole supply chain like a control tower.


In addition to this, thanks to its comparative scenario infrastructure and cause-result relation analyses, it provides early response against this type of early warnings and provides the opportunity to take the most accurate, the most effective and the most suitable corrective actions.


What does this SAP solution offer you?


Observation, Interpretation and Response for Developments:

Management of Design
  • Being informed about and understanding the developments in engineering works,
  • Observing and following the engineering and design changes visually,
  • Taking the logistic actions that support these changes and innovations.
Supply Management
  • Reading into supply and demand in real time,
  • Foreseeing the problems that may emerge in supply,
  • Planning the preventive actions and taking early reactions.
Demand Management
  • Being informed about and understanding sales, market status and customer expectations,
  • Making case analyses by combining this information with the objectives within the company,
  • Providing the formation of more accurate sales estimates by ensuring that the necessary actions are taken
  • Providing faster and efficient customer feedback.
Logistics Management
  • Monitoring transportation and warehouse processes in real time,
  • Defining the important measurement points in the process flow and making the required measurement at these points,
  • Defining the effect of any slowing downs or faults that emerge at any point on the rest of the supply chain,
  • Thanks to early warning system, defining the flaws that may emerge over the chain in advance and taking the necessary actions.
Production Environment Management
  • Automated reading and interpretation of instantaneous production data from the production environment,
  • In order to provide an interrupted production flow and to maximize capacity usage, defining the situations that would slow down the production and waste resources in advance and taking the necessary precautions.
Operation Management
  • Monitoring and interpretation of the signals gathered with the help of technicians, maintenance operators and sensors installed on the machinery.
  • Defining the faults that may emerge in advance and planning the necessary corrective actions.

Decreases in being unable to meet the demands due to unavailability in stocks0

Subsequent corrective actions (Acquisition of reliable foresights with ``Predictive Analytic” algorithms and ensuring proactive approaches by forming early warnings)0

What are the advantages of this SAP solution?

Other integrated planning solutions of SAP S&OP and SAP provide the opportunity to analyse the information required during the supply chain planning process in real time as quick as possible by using the most advanced infrastructures.

Why SAP?

With the “Extended Supply Chain Insights” application offered by SAP;


  • A holistic approach is achieved that incorporates all supply chain functions,
  • For this, it integrates instantaneous data, signals, warnings, indicators and information flow over the supply chain with the work process objectives,
  • It prevents faults, flaws or irregularities that may emerge by providing the opportunity to constantly observe the data over the chain.

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