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Integrated Business Planning

Integrated Business Planning (IBP)


How can this SAP solution be helpful for you?


Meet future demand – profitability – with SAP Integrated Business Planning. Powered by SAP HANA in-memory technology, this real-time supply chain planning solution combines capabilities for sales and operations, supply and demand planning, and inventory optimization. Take advantage of powerful supply chain analytics, what-if simulation, alerts, and more – in the cloud.



What are the services offered with this SAP solution?


SAP Integrated Business Planning for demand

Demand sensing (predict and reforecast, pattern recognition); forecasting statistical techniques; and collaborative demand planning

SAP Integrated Business Planning for sales and operations

Balance demand and supply and provide visibility; what-if scenarios, using “real time” information; JAM embedded communication, and analytics

Supply Chain Control Tower

Achieve end-to-end visibility in the extended supply chain; integrate data from various systems; drive visibility and action with configurable Analytics & Alerts and Case Management

SAP Integrated Business Planning for inventory

Efficiently position inventory to best respond; multi-stage inventory optimization; drive S&OP decisions to inventory target recommendations for Planners

SAP Integrated Business Planning for response and supply

Plan production, procurement, and distribution; respond to daily disruptions to change supply plans and reschedule demand; manage allocations

What are the advantages of this SAP solution?


  • Improve the speed, agility and accuracy of sale and operations planning
  • Optimize product profitability and product mix, within limits
  • Minimize costs by managing inventory levels and discover new opportunities for cost savings




  • 1-2% Revenue Growth
    Growth in top-line revenue with Integrated sales and operations planning
  • 5-10% Inventory Turns
    Higher turns and improved service levels by setting appropriate inventory targets

Why SAP?

  • It has alternatives utilizing on-cloud and on-premise technologies.
  • Thanks to its new generation interfaces, you achieve accelerated work performance by means of mobile environment.
  • You can use it as a database as well as an analytic reporting tool.
  • Thanks to its Application Platform, you can use many built-in applications.
  • It provides opportunity to take real-time decisions for your business operations
  • It creates back-up in minutes, you can continue where you left off.
  • It is easily applicable and integrable

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