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Demand Planning – DP

Demand Planning (DP)


Main functions and the details of the application are as follows:

Demand Planning And Demand Management Process

Demand planning can be conducted as required thanks to interactive screens in SAP SCM DP module.  Various departments in charge of demand planning can enter their estimates subsequently and can monitor information such as budget, previous sales, sales from the rivals etc. that will enable making estimates easier.  This type of information comes with constant updates and in this manner input via a consolidated screen becomes easier.



Besides this, estimate inputs can be made in a top-down, bottom-up or a middle-out logic. This means the ability to easily see both the estimates conducted in the lowest level (for instance the products) and their total in the higher levels (for instance the product groups) or the usage of these both, as well as meaning breaking down the estimates conducted in a group level (for instance product group or regions) into subsidiary objects (for instance products or regions) with defined criteria (for instance sales from the previous year) whenever required.

Acquiring Previous Sales Data

Estimates regarding the future can be made having acquired the data on previous sales within the scope of the application.   Data from the previous sales found on SAP ERP system can automatically be taken into SAP SCM DP system via SAP BW or SAP ERP.  Data from the previous sales formed before SAP ERP can also be taken into the SAP SCM DP system in excel format.

System Estimates

It is possible to model with a single or multiple estimates (multiple linear regression) regarding the estimates on the system.  Having found the most suitable estimate models for different characteristic levels and groups, the estimates are made at product level according to this level and groups.  Business partner and Improva must work together in defining many factors such as the seasonal effects and parameters that will affect the estimates.  During this working, it will be beneficial to base upon previous statistical demand estimates conducted within the company and to establish the models over these in terms of taking the first step.

User Estimates

A three-week estimate input can be entered within the light of the estimates, promotion plans and other information effecting the estimates derived from the system.  The first week of these can be on daily periods and the rest can be on a weekly basis.

Promotion Planning

Promotion planning can be made on various levels such as products, brands and categories with the application.  In order to make the planning and the analysis, required input must be entered into the system before and after the promotions.  Data input into the system is the most important phase for planning and analyzing the promotions.  Which information should be entered is clarified by Improva and the business partner working together.   With this solution, past effects of the promotions can also be analyzed.


Reports on estimates and actualization’s can be derived over the SAP BW system.  Actual-planning comparison reports over the BW system can be derived by receiving data from both SAP SCM DP and ERP system on SAP BW.  Therefore, it is ensured that the integration of SAP BW with ERP and SCM systems is made having installed it during the projects.  This installation is merely about SAP SCM system and it does not offer any infrastructure that can be used by other related modules and applications.

Version Based Planning

It can work on different alternatives in order to choose the most suitable plans regarding the corporate objectives in short and medium term plans conducted on both operational and tactical levels.  Workings can implement any plan by selecting one of these alternative plans with the help of comparative reports with this structure.

Version Management

Plans made within the scope of SAP SCM are created in some particular versions.  Each version is independent from one other in terms of plans made.  There may also be differences in versions in the sense of main data (For instance, relations between locations or planning parameters of a material can vary from one version to another).  In this way, plans according to different instances and parameters can be compared.  The most suitable plan can be selected with the means of comparative reports formed on BW infrastructure.

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