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Food industry


Food industry where the giants of the world take place, range of products and competition increase more day by day, the significance of producing healthy products without compensating from the quantity while lowering the costs gains importance manages business processes with SAP solutions.  In very short periods of time, with SAP products, we solve the problems in the food industry which incorporates processes specific to itself such as recipe management, production management in agricultural products, planning with expiration dates, problem-free quality control, ensuring the traceability and party management from the products for sale to supplied raw materials, and planning consistent estimates for the future by reviewing the end consumer behaviours.

With your Supplier


The most important issue in Food Industry is the supplier management.  Have the opportunity both to have your supplier produce products in desired qualities and to operate on low costs.   Monitor the advance payments made especially to producers and review the compliance of each party for the production.  Change pricing according to the quality of the products of the suppliers.

The Highest

Quality Production

Apply quality control processes at each stage of production.  Monitor both the purchased and the produced items with party tracking.  Measure the quality both in production and that of the machinery and people conducting the production.  Get sample from each party produced and store these for a long term.  And both manage quality assurance processes proactively and monitor the costs of all quality control stages.


Fast Delivery

Another important issue for the food industry is the fast delivery to the right place on time.  Plan which product is going to be sent to which place in advance.  Even define which delivery company is going to make the delivery from which route.  Monitor your delivery costs.  Make the production plan in compliance with the delivery plan for the products that spoil quickly.


Happy Customers

Establish good relations with your customers. Store all the contact information regarding the people concerning your business.  Send them the right products in the right amounts on the right time.  Calculate and conduct the delivery and invoicing processes without any interruptions.  Manage your promotion discounts and campaigns. Adapt into changes in packages for campaigns quickly.

Find Your

Right Costs

Actualise tracking both based on parties and based on costs.  And monitor the costs of your sales channels.  Enjoy producing more than one materials from one material.  Actualize budget / cost tracking on regional basis.  Reduce your stock expenditures and gain more profit.  Conduct simulative cost planning.  Foresee your future in the long run.

For the optimal solutions that will improve your business in food industry