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Demand Network – DN

Demand Network – DN


How can this SAP solution be helpful for you?

By using the strength and speed offered by HANA technology, SAP Demand Network provides;

  • Sales, Marketing and Supply Network process owners to take actions having read the course of market and customer behaviours more accurately by utilizing advanced statistical analysis techniques,
  • Responses to demand changes faster by providing multi-level reliable guidelines having analysed data faster in real time,
  • Ability to conduct promotion and sales activities for specific objectives,
  • Easy access to information from and place and through any platform.


What does this SAP solution offer you?
Reading into and Responding to Demand Behaviours Actualized

By combining market indicators and variation signals in trends for demand with the data from the plan, more rational, immediate and accurate information about customer behaviours can be achieved.  Recent customer expectations can be responded in the most profitable manner with estimates that have higher accuracy rates and promotion activities along the lines of objectives.

Right Product Allocations

Applications are offered to actualise stock distribution and stock allocations of the right products, at the right time, to the right places, in right quantities and in the most accurate way possible.  Elimination of unnecessary price discounts applications, maximization of customer satisfaction levels by meeting customer expectations and decreases in stock costs are achieved as a result.


Decrease in Stock-Out Situations0

Decrease in Profit and Market Share Losses 0

What are the advantages of this SAP solution?


  • Especially the ability to monitor the course of promotion activities conducted, with the data derived on the basis of sale points in real time, providing the traceability and measurability of sales; more effective promotion activities more along the line of objectives can be actualized.
  • By analysing the market trends, scale of the market and conditions of the competitors within the market, analysis of market share is provided in real time on any data level (such as on the basis of SKU, product group, brand or category).
  • By being able to foresee cases of running out of stocks or unavailability on the shelves and by taking proactive actions against such cases, elimination of profit losses can be attained.
  • Real time monitoring of the products that have recently been launched for sale can be provided on the basis of sale points. Taking promotional actions to support the sales can be planned in case the sales objectives are not achieved.
  • It provides opportunity to use POS data in order to be able to increase the accuracy rates in short term daily sales estimates.

Why SAP?


  • SAP solutions utilizes an increasing amount of demand and market data by processing it in a fast and accurate manner thanks to the speed and analytic strength brought by SAP HANA.
  • With SAP HANA and its mobility infrastructures, sales and market analyses can be made in real time with the actual sales data.
  • Thanks to SAP’s flexible and customizable interfaces, desired analytic process can be visualized with principles specific to that process and supportive reports in a very fast and simple way.

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