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Service Parts Planning – SPP

Service Parts Planning – SPP


How can this SAP solution be helpful for you?


With SAP Service Parts Planning product, highly variable service parts requirements that have different requirement graphics can be planned in consistency and quickly.   SAP Service Part Planning product that can respond to all characteristics, as stated below, of service parts management which has become one of the great cost elements of companies enables you to supply service parts in right quantities, to the right address, at the right time and storing the right stocks at the right locations.


  • A large number of materials and stock locations (such as dealers, services)
  • Extensive distribution networks and prioritizations
  • Irregular demand behaviours
  • Desire to respond to orders of customers instantly
  • Fast supply
  • Extensive material mobility


What are the services offered with this SAP solution?

It gives you opportunity to make the most suitable predictions for a large number of service parts which have various sales graphics and sales behaviours with its flexible modelability feature and a large number of estimation models designed in compliance with service part requirements.

Stock and supply planning

By defining the minimum and maximum stock levels on the basis of location, it finds out the most suitable economic order level statistically according to requirements.  It achieve the results of optimal stock and supply planning by taking the supply and purchase costs into the consideration.

Planning the distribution structure

Thanks to BOD (Bill of Distribution) definition infrastructure, the service parts distribution network can be modelled in desired hierarchical forms.  In this way, flow planning on the distribution network can be made in the most accurate way.

Stock balancing

It enables you to simultaneously monitor the stock found on service parts chain, to direct idle stocks to point where they are required and to plan the most accurate stock balance thanks to minimum and maximum stock levels calculated dynamically.

What are the advantages of this SAP solution?
  • Hierarchical forms of a large number of locations by using BOD (Bill of Distribution) in service parts planning with SPP.  In this way, distribution structure of the company is defined in the system and desired prioritizations can be made on this structure.
  • An estimation can be made where past fluctuations and seasonal fluctuations are taken into consideration by using the previous sales data of service parts on the basis of locations.
  • While conducting the estimates on service parts demands, estimates closest to the actual demands can be made and customer estimates that may emerge in the future can be responded on time; in this way, service part stocks can be managed more efficiently.
  • Productivity is increased by responding the demands from the customers at the right time and thoroughly.  In this way, maximum customer satisfaction is achieved on minimum stocks.
  • With on-time service part supplies on economic quantities, an efficient stock management is achieved.

Why SAP?

The functionality, conveniences and flexible modelability features and in-depth statistical infrastructure provided by SAP Service Parts Planning product, companies have;


  • In-depth followability on service parts supply chain,
  • High rates of increases on customer satisfaction levels, high rates of decreases on unavailable items in stocks,
  • Minimization on stock costs,
  • Significant rates of decreases in operational logistic costs,
  • More accurate and productive plans.

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