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SAP Application Support

IMPROVA aims to make sure its clients are able to manage their business processes without interruption and increase the efficiency they attain from SAP system with the 24/7 application support service offered.  Post deployment support processes are as important as the projects themselves.  IMPROVA offers improved support services that facilitate processes running without interruption, that ensure rapid compliance of your systems with the changing, developing work conditions, that constantly improve along the lines of and acknowledge your strategic objectives.



IMPROVA support team which provide services using various support models aims to meet first and second level support requirements of companies by monitoring calls according to SLA levels.  Calls coming from the clients are stored on a web-based call management system, primarily the service levels, on-time intervention success rates, response times for calls, all kinds of support KPIs are reported to the clients over the call system periodically.  With uninterrupted and improved IMPROVA support services, the improvement and training requirements coming from the clients are addressed with success besides solving the failures in the current system of our clients with the minimal intervention processes.