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Extended Warehouse Management – EWM

Extended Warehouse Management – EWM


How can this SAP solution be helpful for you?


Warehouse management system is one of the key technologies to form a successful Adaptive Supply Chain Network (ASCN).  ASCN should respond to extensive warehouse work requirements in various ways.


SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWN) product offers you flexible and automated support in stock management and various merchandise movements inside the warehouse complex with Warehouse Management functions and processes.  It supports all warehouse processes for all warehouse processes with a system plan and a productive system.


What does this SAP solution offer you?

One of the significant component of an effective general supply chain; SAP EWN offers you an opportunity to map all warehouse complex in details until the level of storage box.  This option informs you about the exact location of any product inside your warehouse besides the information regarding the quantity of the products.  With EWN, usage of storage boxes and stock movements is maximized and you can unite warehouse information for stocks in warehouses randomly managed in different places of production.   Some of the features that you are going to have with the usage of EWN are as follows:


  • Sending the data changed before the entrance of goods from EWN to ERP; constant flow of correction notifications and reverse records;
  • Deconsolidation of various warehousing units containing different products before being put into the warehouse;
  • Forming implementable work packages for warehouse staff in order to actualize at certain points in time;
  • Optimization of Transportation Units and tools inside the warehouse;
  • With a more effective labour force and resources planning; making the warehouse more productive by using the functions to visualize warehouse activities, to simulate and measure the plan.
  • Forming kits and conveying the orders that entered into or sent from the stocks;
  • Integrated collective management of receiving and sent delivery processes;
  • Defining serial numbers for sent delivery processes;
  • Making selections between central or peripheral distribution options;
  • Controlling the flow of receiving and sent items with cross placement of orders, decreasing the warehouse costs and acceleration of material mobility.


  • 1% – %2 increase in income
  • 5% – 10% increase in stock turnover


What are the advantages of this SAP solution?

Graphical Warehouse, Resource Management, Improvement specific to Production and Retail:   SAP EWN 5.1 is starting a new chapter with its features.   It actualizes the most suitable scenarios in your warehouse with as Labour force management, Material Flow System, merchandise entrance and exit optimization, Kit, Party Management and Serial Number improvements to increase the productivity.


  • Graphical warehouse order defines the warehouse structure in a two-dimensional graphic style.  In this way, it is also possible to control the Stocks, amount of vacant warehouse spaces and locations of resources.  This graphic screen provides the ability to find out whether the warehouse item is specialized in a fast manner or not.
  • In order to optimize the use of RF devices in the warehouse, it is possible to run resource management optimization in three different types:
    • Task mixing:  After confirming the completion of a task, a resource is assigned to a new task close their location.
    • Conduct rule:  By preventing resource bottlenecks, it enables you to control the conduct of tasks in areas of a site defined in advance.
    • Semi system driven operation:  When a user completes a task and asks for a new task, the system reviews current open tasks and send a user to this area before assigning a specific task.
  • Thanks to EWN integration, supply of the required material for the production line can easily be provided.  There are various ways offered by EWM for this:
    • Supply of components for one or a multitude of orders on time and in desired quantities for the production supply area
    • Case components / kanban:  supply of products commonly used in production independent from the orders; for instance kanban.

Why SAP?

  • SAP combines the work processes run in supply chains of various industries with solutions offered by the latest technology and enables you to manage the information flow in the most efficient way possible.
  • As well as enabling your company to conduct all your work processes by means of private organizations, SAP can also save you from high equipment and maintenance costs by conveying these processes into a “Cloud” environment.
  • Since SAP makes it possible to use its solutions on mobile devices by utilizing the infrastructures of the latest technology, it gives you the opportunity to manage your processes whenever you want, from any place and by means of all kinds of platforms.


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