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Sales and Operation Planning – S&OP

Sales and Operation Planning – S&OP


How can this SAP solution be helpful for you?

S&OP on HANA which is one of the products that SAP developed on HANA architecture;


  • Enables working in integration with sales, stock and operation planning processes,
  • Predicts the changes that may emerge in the future and provides opportunity to make the most suitable revision in regards to these,
  • For this purpose, it gathers a large amount of data from various sources and makes analyses on this data,
  • In this way, it helps optimal management of the uncertainties within the market and having revealed the opportunities in the markets it also enables you to make investments on these opportunities.
  • It provides establishing a corporate decision-making infrastructure where the information is constantly shared, having incorporated the company, business partners and process owners in order to manage the sales processes in the most efficient way, increase the profitability and improve customer satisfaction levels.


What does this SAP solution offer you?
Establishing the Balance between Demand and Supply
  • It provides an infrastructure for forming demand estimates agreed upon by all business partners and process owners.
  • It enables matching the demand occurring throughout the whole supply chain with the actual supply.
Maximization of Customer Satisfaction Levels

While meeting instances such as fluctuations formed within the market, all kinds of variables in customer expectations and behaviours by perceiving these in the most suitable way possible with the minimal stock levels, it also provides achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Integration of Financial Indicators and Objectives to the Process

In order to maximize income and profit, to get the sales and operational planning in line with the financial objectives, required infrastructure and integration opportunities are revealed.

Optimization of Stock Objectives.

By calculating the most suitable target stock levels for all levels of supply chain, it establishes the optimal stock balance expected to emerge throughout the chain.

  • 1% – %2 increase in income
  • 5% – 10% increase in stock turnover
What are the advantages of this SAP solution?

Other integrated planning solutions of SAP S&OP and SAP are capable of analysing the information required during the supply chain planning process in real time as quick as possible by using the most advanced infrastructures.  With these reliable and innovative applications, it provides the planners the opportunity to;


  • Make plans that can quickly and easily be adapted into changes, that are flexible and accurate,
  • Easily take the opportunities that can increase income and market shares,
  • Maximize customers and product profitability,
  • Manage the stocks in the supply chain in general in the most efficient way possible in order to decrease logistic costs,
  • Produce the most suitable plan that can meet the demands changing according to market dynamics and fluctuations in customer expectations.

Why SAP?

  • SAP combines the work processes run in supply chains of various industries with solutions offered by the latest technology and enables you to manage the information flow in the most efficient way possible.
  • As well as enabling your company to conduct all your work processes by means of private organizations, SAP can also save you from high equipment and maintenance costs by conveying these processes into a “Cloud” environment.
  • Since SAP makes it possible to use its solutions on mobile devices by utilizing the infrastructures of the latest technology, it gives you the opportunity to manage your processes whenever you want, from any place and by means of all kinds of platforms.

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