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SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) interprets marketing, sales and customer service processes again and places customer satisfaction on the focal point of the company. Main components of SAP CRM system are as follows;


It support the whole of sales life cycle from planning and estimates to sales performance management. It enables sales personnel to have access into sales channels from anywhere, at any time and over all types of devices in real time. It includes all sales-related processes such as opportunity management, order and contract management, and pricing. It provides the opportunity for sales personnel to observe all activities over activity management with its Outlook integration. It enables conducting sales analyses and sales performance management on visual reports


It enables managing all marketing activities of marketing personnel, primarily target audience selection, brand management and campaign management over a central and single platform. It contains Customer Loyalty Management system that provides management of customer loyalty programs. By reflecting the marketing plans in the budget with Marketing Resource Management that enables multi-dimensional monitoring of the marketing budget, it provides the opportunity to control whether the marketing activities with their work flows, task management and approval processes are coursing as they have been planned and along the lines of the budget allocated for them.


Management of basic service transactions such as service sales and marketing activities, monitoring of service agreements and contracts, maintenance and installations can be performed with SAP CRM Service product. Service product where customer services are managed from one end to the other also makes it possible to monitor guarantees and returns and offer financial reflections of service activities over visual reports with its analytic infrastructure.

Customer Interactions Management

By creating an interactive CRM platform in which the customers are incorporated into sales, marketing and service processes, it integrates all channels and processes. It maximizes the information access by means of analytic reports in real time.

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