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Demand Management – DM

Demand Management – DM


How can this SAP solution be helpful for you?

By using the strength and speed offered by HANA technology, SAP Demand Management provides;


  • Ability to respond the fluctuations formed in market conditions and variations in customer demands on time,
  • Ability to conduct promotion and sales activities for specific objectives,
  • Ability to make stock terms near future sale estimates,
  • Ability to monitor demand generation and demand flow in real time,
  • Easy access to information from and place and through any platform.


What does this SAP solution offer you?
Trade Promotion Optimization

It enables you to conduct sale promotions and activities more efficiently and towards the objectives.

Demand Sensing

It forms short term daily sale estimates with high accuracy rates by using “Pattern Recognition” Pattern Identification algorithms on past sales data.

Demand Planning

By using the sales data taken from various resources, it shapes your future better with the help of sector-specific statistical estimation methods.

Forecasting and Multilevel Replenishment

By making estimates on the basis of locations that the products are delivered such as Warehouses, Distribution Centres, Sales unit and Stores, it ensures these locations are supplied more suitably along the lines of these estimations.


Decrease in Average Daily Stock Levels0

Decrease in the rates of faster (air) delivery means which are more costly in order to meet the deadline0

Decrease in price discount campaigns to sell what is left in stocks0

What are the advantages of this SAP solution?


  • Ability to form optimal sale plans with higher accuracy rates supplied by data coming from various sources
  • Ability to achieve dynamic estimates by using estimation methods specific to sector with very high statistical power and “Pattern Recognition” algorithms
  • Ability to adapt into short terms variations more easily and faster
  • Ability to allocate the right products, on the right time, to the right place, in accurate quantities and in the right manner

Neden SAP?


  • SAP combines the work processes run in supply chains of various industries with solutions offered by the latest technology and enables you to manage the information flow in the most efficient way possible.
  • As well as enabling your company to conduct all your work processes by means of private organizations, SAP can also save you from high equipment and maintenance costs by conveying these processes into a “Cloud” environment.
  • Since SAP makes it possible to use its solutions on mobile devices by utilizing the infrastructures of the latest technology, it gives you the opportunity to manage whenever you want, from any place and by means of all kinds of platforms.

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