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Transportation Management – TM

Transportation Management – TM


How can this SAP solution be helpful for you?


SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) provides you support throughout all activities regarding the physical distribution of the products from one location to the other.  When you are using SAP TM, you can conducts the following activities.


  • Shipping orders are created for order parties.
  • Transfer orders and deliveries are formed on ERP system.
  • Transportation reservations are made.
  • Transportation is planned and transportation company is selected.
  • Bidding for the transportation services is conducted.
  • Delivery and transportation can be monitored.
  • Transportation costs for the party placing the order and for the transportation company are calculated.
  • In includes foreign trade and hazardous substance regulations.

An efficient transportation plan that acknowledges applicable limitations (for instance service level, cost and resource usability) can be designed and followed when SAP TM is used.   You can define options in order to keep costs fixed or to maximize sources.  You can find solutions for deviations from the original transportation plan and take precautions for shipping transactions.


What does this SAP solution offer you?
Transportation Requirements Management


SAP TM supports the management process of inter-related requirements, which integrates transportation order transactions with sales with down-payment and sales for cash by providing early visibility for planning objectives.   You can manage the requirements delivered in manual or electronic environment whatever their sources may be.  Shareholders can receive the delivery of and form requirements based on orders or deliveries.  This centralization enables focussing on activities with added value and decreases unnecessary tasks.

Cargo Planning and Optimization

(Optimization techniques for balancing freight costs and limitations)


With SAP TM, you can plan, reinforce and optimize freight shipment when applicable limitations, costs and fines are taken into the consideration. You can plan local and international shipments in a single environment – for both received and sent items. It conducts international address optimization and manages hazardous substance requirements.  While the optimized planning maintains the expected customer service levels, it helps decreasing the expenditures.

Freight Tender

(Creating an automatic environment for freight tender)


TM module can create a tender for freight orders by using processes for one or a multitude of transportation companies focussed on work principles automatically. It receives the tender offers for freight from transportation companies. It assigns the most suitable transportation company for the goods to be shipped by making use of transportation company information.  This automation decreases the costs and helps increasing operational performance.

Transportation company reservations

(Automation of transportation company reservations in a cooperation environment)



With SAP transportation company reservation solutions, reservations for domestic or international deliveries can be made within the frame of overseas and airline capacities. Reservation capacity can be determined with post-planning reservations or pre-reservation options. Reservation confirmations and transportation instructions can change according to dynamic order situations. Thanks to cooperative transportation reservation skills, a better coordinated transportation, customer service levels and lower costs can be achieved.

Freight order delivery and clearance

With SAP TM, you can manage your Freight calculation contracts with customers and transportation companies.  Extensive freight cost skills support tariff and price management besides freight contracts.  The skills transportation company payments, customer invoices for freight inspection,

Transportation Management and Monitoring

Transportation planning has a critical significance for transportation operations.  The key factor of these activities is to manage transportation company, shipment and transportation cost connections and provide documentation flow, design and report outputs.    Warehouse integration enables international customs transaction work faster, in a more dynamic and sensitive manner.

Why SAP Transportation Management?

Because it decreases the transportation complexity significantly and your logistic processes are integrated from one end to the other.  Things you can do with SAP TM are;


  • It modernizes your delivery management processes by using the latest technologies
  • It meets transportation plans with an efficient and compliant cost according to customers’ needs.
  • All domestic and international shipments received and sent can be optimized and consolidated.
  • Strategic purchase and sale transportations are managed from a single centre.
  • Adjusting customer service levels and delivery times improves transportation service.
  • It conducts the most advanced analysis and planning for high volume transportation and logistics data


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