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Supply Network Planning – SNP

Supply Network Planning – SNP

Strategic and tactical planning studies can be conducted on simulative version with Supply Network Planning (SNP) module.  With simulative planning, decisions such as new investment requirements, capacity increase and recruitment can be taken by assessing the results derived from the system.   Deployed simulative plans can be stored on the system based on versions.


Supply Network Planning Management Process

Under the heading of Supply Network Planning the subjects of production, capacity, stock and distribution planning are taken into consideration on a periodical basis (Monthly, Weekly and Daily).  The decisions on which SNP planning functions (CTM, SNP Optimization, SNP Heuristic) are going to used are taken based on the limitations.

SNP Heuristic

SAP works in a logic similar to the logic of MRP found on ECC.  It works on eternal capacity logic.  Therefore, the resources are taken into 100% usage level with capacity balancing or shift planning function after the plan works.  Heuristic can be used in multi-locational supply network planning.


Production and purchase plan which will be produced on monthly, weekly and daily basis can be derived by means of CTM.  Demand resource prioritization can be made.  Thanks to finite capacity planning feature of CTM capacity and distribution planning can be made. Capacity and Material plans can be planned on a single run.  It can be used in multi-locational supply network planning.

SNP Optimizer

It operates in Linear Optimization method.  It takes Material and Resource Limitations into the consideration.   Its main objective is to form the supply plan at maximum profit or minimum cost in compliance with the related limitations.  Each cost item takes part in the objective function as a coefficient.   Each of production, purchase, stock-keeping, order unfulfillment or delayed fulfillment costs are determined as separate cost items and individually identified.  The model is run on periodical basis (monthly, Weekly, daily) and supply model is shaped according to the results derived.  Questions such as which products should be produced where, which client should be supplied from where can be answered at this level.  Optimization can be used in multi-locational supply network planning.

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