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Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling – PPDS

Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling – PPDS


How can this SAP solution be helpful for you?

With advanced planning solution of SAP, companies have the opportunity to run their planning, scheduling and operational management functions in integration with each other as well as having more consistent and synchronous information about stocks, capacity and production/products. Besides this;

  • By taking finite resource and material capacities into the consideration, they have the chance to design their optimal production plans,
  • While having an access into the operational information during the production in synchronisation, they have instant information about production flow and resource situation,
  • In this way, they have the opportunity to adapt into sudden changes and instantly respond to these.


What does this SAP solution offer you?
Production Planning

It enables you to produce an optimal plan by taking the following parameters into the consideration:


  • Resource capacities
  • Material Limitations
  • Production limitations specific to production locations
  • Monthly, h production mixes
  • Stock objectives and periodical planning limitations
Production Scheduling

By taking sorting limitations into the consideration, it enables scheduling

  • The items on production resources
  • In compliance with the priorities and deadlines
  • By taking capacity and material limitations into the consideration
  • And by minimizing the time spent during the preparation and transition processes.


  • 25% Decrease in stock level (Production planning functions that takes material and capacity limitations into consideration integration)
  • 8% Increase in the compliance in production planning (Deadlines in integration with the production conditions in real time)
What are the advantages of this SAP solution?


Companies have the opportunity to respond quickly by adapting the changing production conditions quicker with the production planning and scheduling solutions of SAP.  In this way;


  • They increase their adaptation rates into production planning with shorter and more clear deadlines,
  • They maximize their resource usage rates by optimizing their production plans,
  • While decreasing their order fulfillment times and achieving a significant increase in the rates of orders fulfilled on time, they achieve an increase in customer satisfaction levels,
  • They achieve an opportunity to work on lower stock shipping costs.

Why SAP?

Thanks to solutions of SAP, by working directly in integration with the operational production field, production planning and scheduling functions that can provide quicker response times are achieved.   In this way,


  • While having a synchronous monitoring in regards to production conditions and resource capacity situations changing suddenly,
  • Product and service quality is maximized.

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