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Production Planning – PP

Production Planning – PP


The whole process that starts with the prediction and requirement management and spans until the material entering the stock having completed the production is operated under the Production Planning and Control module (PP).


PP module which has a flexible structure where you can fictionalize and model all production management types used in real life with convenience enables identifying all data required for production planning and management onto the system with the detailed structure that it offers. In this manner, it both enables operating planning activities on the basis of materials, resources and operation and helps monitoring the production costs on the most detailed level.


PP module does not only enables you to see the actual costs but also the planned costs even during the planning phase and also enables making the comparison of the actual and planned costs after the actual production.


SAP PP (Production Planning) module is one of the logistic processes of SAP ERP solution package that aims to enable the operation of production and planning processes in a reliable and coordinated manner by using the production resources in an efficient way and establishing an efficient communication with the other units together with the production.

General concepts used in Production Planning are as follows:


  • Product Tree: It is the list of the material lists of the bulk products and final products directly used in the production or the list where the required amounts required per unit of the product are entered.
  • Lot Tracking: Managing the materials in the stocks in certain sub categories is possible through lot tracking.
  • Work Place: It is the main data that where the activities other the materials are defined in the price pricing, that enables you to make calculations upon the work order that have a capacity and that represents the machines/machinery group, personnel/personal group that works in the facility where production is made.
  • It is tied to a “cost centre” in each business and the activity costs that emerge during the production activities of a business are accumulated here according to the rules entered in the main data.
  • Business Plans/Prescriptions: This is the main data that records which operations materials go through while they are in the productions and how much time is spent while conducting these operations in a specific business.
  • The business plan can be created and be assigned to more than one material or a business plan for each material can be created separately.
  • Production Versions: This is the main data that combines a product tree and a business plan.

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