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Human Resources Management Solutions

Human Resources Management Solutions


SAP HR is a module that is used to manage the human resources. It basically consists of the following components;


Personnel Management


This includes application management, personnel administration, organization and time management, payroll management, planning and budgeting the personnel costs.


Personnel Development


This consists of components such as management of training and meetings that covers the improvement of the current personnel, management of performance and competence, and career management. Personnel Development module also incorporates portal structures that serves towards various purposes. Most important of these portal structures are the LSO (Learning Solution) portal where the requests and assessments regarding the training are entered; the ESS (Employee Self Service) portal where all the employees can access, you can see the basic information and payroll of the personnel, and enter the requests for off-days; the MSS (Manager Self Service) portal where all executives have access and view the information about the personnel under the executive and permission requests are confirmed.


Success Factors


This is a cloud-based human resources solution that includes several human resources functions.


Processes such as recruitment, training, career and objectives management, work force planning, succession and salary managements are offered to the companies in a cloud-based form that can be managed and adopted more easily.


Since the employees themselves contribute to the several stages of the process by entering data unlike in the standard human resources solutions, the load on the HR department is reduced significantly.


Having practical screens that can be accessed from anywhere and not requiring specific equipment carries Success Factor to a much more distinctive position among the human resources applications.

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