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Financial Accounting – FI

Financial Accounting – FI


Financial Accounting module is a module that works in integration with SAP ERP system. SAP ERP Financial Accounting (FI) Module which began to be used together with the requirement of integration and more convenient processes in developing and growing businesses is equipped with the standard functions that meets all types of reporting requirements besides ease of use and efficiency.

One of the most important features that need to be included in a modern and efficient accounting system is to be able to meet all the requirements both inside and outside the company. SAP ERP systems fully complies with the accounting system and financial regulations of 40 industrialized countries and is used in these countries with success.

Besides recording and storing the data in an integrated manner, Financial Accounting (FI) module enables administrative level to make plans, perform controls and adopt courses of strategic actions by using financial information.

SAP ERP Financial Accounting (FI) module is separated into sub-modules according to the types of processes performed:

GL – General Accounting (General Ledger)

There are processes where all accounting records that would emerge in a business can be recorded and reported under the headline of General Accounting.

AP – Accounts Payable

Under the processes of Accounts Payable, all processes coming from the SAP ERP Material Management (MM) module in an integrated form can be monitored and accounting records of these can be kept and reported.

AR – Accounts Receivable

Under the processes Accounts Receivable Module, all the processes logged into the system from SAP ERP Sales Distribution (SD) module in an integrated way can be recorded and reported.

AA – Long Term Assets Accounting (Asset Accounting)

With the Long Term Assets Accounting, the assets that are recorded in the operating assets of your business and investments that are being made can be monitored in an effective manner, all the processes required by the law can be performed automatically; besides these, various valuation areas can be formed and reported using various rates and methods to meet different requirements.

Legal Reports

These include legal reports such as General Ledger, Balance Sheet and Income Statement.

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