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Sales and Distribution – SD

Sales and Distribution – SD


In the competitive market environment today, improving customer services, minimizing the period spent between the order placements, shipment and invoicing, accelerating the distribution periods and decreasing the distribution costs have gained a great importance. SAP ERP Sales and Distribution (SD) module provides you a competitive advantage that will support all kinds of sales and distribution processes for all sectors and types of companies thanks to its flexible and functional structure.


Some of the functions in SD module are as follows:


  • Pricing and conditions
  • Usability control and requirements transfer
  • Credit and risk management
  • Inquiry and inquiry tracking
  • Customer contracts
  • Premium and discount agreements
  • Order processing and variant configuration
  • Special order types (such as credit card, cash)
  • Delivery plan
  • Foreign trade and customs transactions
  • Shipping processes
  • Packaging and monitoring of returnable packages
  • Shipping and shipping planning processes
  • Invoicing processes
  • Sales support and campaign management
  • Preparation and monitoring of product catalogues
  • Monitoring of competitors and competitive products


SAP ERP Sales and Distribution module makes communication easier by enabling the transactions you carry in any language to be seen in their local currency and language the companies and your partners in different countries and makes it easier to expand beyond your borders thanks to multiple country, multiple language and multiple currency features.


SAP ERP Sales and Distribution module enables you to conduct different business processes in the fastest and best way possible. It helps you improve and modify your processes.


Thanks to its flexible pricing structure, it enables you to identify even the most complex pricing scenarios. By saving your sales team from dealing with the complicated lists, it creates them time to concentrate on sales and customer services which are their actual tasks.


It enables you to keep record of detailed information regarding your competitors and market while helping you plan your pre-sales activities and campaigns.


As well as managing the sales process with your own product number, It provides you the opportunity to assess your customers with their own numbers. It provides you the opportunity to place your orders by entering the material numbers of your customers in your order placements and make the shipments by keeping a record of the material number of your customer in the customer material information registry.


Digital information transfer is of great importance in the communication with the suppliers and with the customers. It accelerates your processes by enabling the information that comes with EDI trigger the sales process. Besides, it makes the automation of your sales processes possible by offering the infrastructure required for the integration with the RF devices and other warehouse systems.


SAP ERP Sales and Distribution Information System provides you the opportunity to gather information regarding all kinds of sales processes, report and analyse these information according to your needs. It helps you to take the required operational and strategic decisions on time by accessing the information in real time.


Thanks to its structure that is integrated with the material management and finance modules, it triggers your supply and production processes automatically with the placement of orders and enables the required accounting registries to be kept simultaneously.


It provides you the opportunity to control your credit risks by providing a huge flexibility in the operation and inspection of your credit and risk management processes.


ERP SD module guarantees sending products with the desired features to the customers by making the lot (batch) number tracking possible during the sales and distribution processes.


ERP SD which makes order placement with the configurable materials also enable you to enter the configuration values easily thanks to the configuration editor.

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