What is SAP?

What is SAP?

SAP is the biggest software company of Europe, providing services for companies in software since 1972. The original name of SAP established by 5 former employees of IBM in Germany read “Systeme, Anwendungen, Produkte”, this name means “Systems, Applications and Products” in English.


SAP continues to maintain its growth momentum by improving its applications in a wide range of solutions and by employing new applications as well along the path it set out to offer clients a wide network of applications over an integrated structure. SAP has became a technological giant nowadays used by many leading companies that also include software companies such as IBM and Microsoft to manage work processes.


If we are put it in figures, SAP has reached more than 250,000 companies and 500 million people and 75% of the total gross revenue around the world goes through SAP. SAP which has a total of 17.6 billion turnover in over 120 countries employs more than 64,000 people. SAP has also left a mark with the significance it attaches to R&D. SAP invests 14% of its annual turnover on R&D activities, over 17,000 R&D employees are assigned to develop new technologies and products.


SAP is recognised as the most valuable brand in Germany and 22nd most valuable brand in the world. In Turkey, SAP is the leader in the corporate application software market with its 41% share. There are over 1000 companies using SAP and over 45,000 SAP users in Turkey.

SAP software products are categorized in five groups which are Applications, Business Analytic, Mobility, Cloud, Database / Technology. While the Applications provide the opportunity to manage all work processes on a single and integrated platform, Business Analytic solutions make simultaneous cooperation and decision taking possible. While the Mobility solutions aim to bring solutions to employees wherever or on whichever device they may be working, the focus of information technologies turns into creative services and cooperation rather than the infrastructure with the solutions Cloud technology provides. With the Hana architecture included in Database / Technology family enable managing process 1000 times faster and in a simpler way.


SAP continues to be preferred in Turkey and all around the world due to the local and international experience obtained in companies of a variety of scales for over 40 years, ready and tested scenario options for companies in all sectors (best practices), being up-to-date and support guarantees, and the investments made on technology.

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